Terms and conditions

1. Company

1.1 Name and Registration: Aqua Hero – The Swimming Club is registered in the commercial registry of the Chamber of Commerce, under number 84053852. Our tax Administration identification number is NL003912093B05.

1.2 Website and Social Media: Find us online at www.aquahero.nl, Instagram: @aquahero.nl / Facebook: AquaHeroNL

2. Payment

2.1 The payments for swimming lessons will be made in advance, before the start of the scheduled swimming lessons with minimum 24-hour notice.

2.2 The accepted payment methods: 

- Online via Website / Eversports App: We offer the convenience of making payments through our website or app using iDeal, ensuring a secured and seamless transaction process.

- Payment Request – The swimming club will send the payment request to the customer along the invoice, as the parts agreed in advance. The client needs to request this payment method  before the start of the scheduled swimming lessons with minimum 24-hour notice.  

- Bank Transfer – can be chosen as a payment method. The Client needs to announce the Club, that the registration will be completed with a bank transfer.

The client can transfer the amount to NL44SNSB8838237883, stating the invoice number. The transfer needs to be complete, before the start of the scheduled swimming lessons with minimum 24H.


3. Health and Risks

3.1 All students are obliged to report any health conditions which may concern and/or affect the swimming lesson. All relevant health historical background needs to be mentioned while enrolling.

3.2 Attendance at the swimming lesson and/or course is at your own risk. We prioritize the safety and well-being of our students but encourage individuals to be mindful of their own health and limitations during the sessions.


4. Safety and General Rules

4.1 Swimmers are responsible for their own safety, actions, and behavior on any part of the swimming pool property, including the changing area. Please remove shoes before entering the poolside, or use overshoes.

4.2 The safety of all individuals is our top priority. We reserve the right to remove anyone on, in, or around the pool if they raise any safety concerns. Swimmers must refrain from running or engaging in inappropriate behavior within the pool vicinity.


5. Subscriptions and prices

- 1 Session - Make a Splash Now - €40,00

- 5 SESSIONS - 2 Months to Dive Deep - €190,00

- 10 SESSIONS - 3 Months to Unleash Your Potential -€350,00

- 20 SESSIONS - 4 Months to Master your Skills -€660,00


5.1. Subscriptions explained:

1 Session - Make a Splash Now - €40,00

Experience the thrill of swimming with a single entry session. This option is perfect for those who want to enjoy a one-time swim, especially after they have had their "try-out lesson." You can book your class and have 1 month to schedule your lesson. Dive in and make a splash!


5 Sessions - 2 Months to Dive Deep - €190,00

Accelerate your swimming skills with 5 guided sessions. This 2-month subscription allows you to make the most of your sessions. Choose your preferred schedule and location to start your aquatic journey!


10 SESSIONS - 3 Months to Unleash Your Potential -€350,00

Immerse yourself in 10 guided sessions designed to propel your swimming skills. Our 3-month subscription grants you ample time to conquer new goals. Dive into your swimming journey today!


20 SESSIONS - 4 Months to Master your Skills - €660,00

Unleash your full swimming potential with 20 immersive sessions. Our 4-month subscription ensures you the time to refine your skills and achieve remarkable progress. Dive in and conquer this new environment!


Home Swimming - on request

On request Feeling more comfortable to have swimming lessons at your own pool? We are here to help! We are also available for booking in your own location, send us a message a message about Home Swimming and let’s get started!


6. Valuables and Jewelry

Aqua Hero will not accept liability for the loss of or damage to any personal effects brought to any session. We kindly request that you refrain from bringing valuable items or jewelry to the swimming lessons. Please ensure the safekeeping of your personal belongings. All property left at Aqua Hero swimming lessons, whether in changing rooms, on poolside, entrance halls, or outside areas, is done so at your own risk. Aqua Hero cannot accept responsibility for any loss or damage of personal belongings.

7. Referral policy

7.1 Referral reward

When an active student of Aqua Hero is recommending our school and services, towards their friends and networking will receive a €25,00 discount at their next subscription.

7.2 Referral reward explained

In order to earn the benefit, you must follow these 3steps:

• The person who is recommending needs to have an ACTIVE subscription at us.

• The person who is coming, needs to inform the Club the name of the person/friend who made the recommendation.

• The person who claims the reward, can use the discount only after the recommended person finish his enrollment process and has an active subscription.


8. Cancellation and reschedule lessons

8.1 The cancellation needs to be made with minimum 24h before the lesson within the Eversports App or in writing on EMAIL or WHATSAPP, otherwise the session will be considered as completed and cannot be recovered.

8.2 To reschedule there is no extra payment. After cancelling a lesson, the client needs to make an appointment for the make-up class, according to the availability of the Club.

8.3 Make-up Lessons. The client can reschedule a session, in any of our locations within the Aqua Hero availability.

8.4 Make-up Lessons expiration. If you still have unused lessons by the expiration of a subscription, they will be added on top of your next subscription after you make a new purchase.

8.5 Make-up Lessons in a new subscription. This can be only applied if the client is renewing the same type of subscription. The purchase of the new subscription needs to be made in maximum 2 months from the expiration date of the previous subscriptions.


9. Lessons cancellation by the club

Aqua Hero will make every effort not to cancel a lesson but the management has the right to alter the time of a lesson and/or course when necessary, in case of staff sickness, essential pool maintenance or pool closure or any other unforeseen circumstance.


10. Privacy and Data Usage

At Aqua Hero, we are committed to ensuring your privacy and safeguarding your data. Here's how we handle videos, photos, and data:

10.1 Videos and Photos

During our swimming lessons, we may occasionally record videos of your swimming exercises. These recordings are used to provide feedback and enhance your learning experience. Please note that, as you attend group lessons, you might appear in the background of these videos.

10.2 Social Media

By enrolling in Aqua Hero classes, you consent to the use of photos and videos that may include your likeness for promotional purposes on our social media channels.

However, your participation in these images is not mandatory. If you prefer not to be featured in any online content, please inform us at ronen@aquahero.nl, and we will try to exclude you from the content.

10.3 GDPR Compliance

We adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set forth by the European Union to safeguard personal data and privacy. By enrolling in Aqua Hero swimming lessons, you grant us consent to collect and process your personal data. This data is utilized for administrative purposes and to enhance the overall quality of our swimming school's services. According to GDPR guidelines, you have the right to access, correct, or request the deletion of your data at any time.

Your privacy is important to us, and we are here to ensure a secure and enjoyable swimming experience.