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Specialised in training adults on how to swim. We aim to provide safe, fun and personalised group swimming classes to overcome your fear of water and achieve any desired level in swimming. Our main mission is to empower any individual to ultimately Become a Hero.

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Always accessible by public transportation, your own car or your bike. Everything is ready, from water heated pools to swimming equipment to help you during your journey.

Diemen Ago / Swimming Ago 

55mins class + 5 mins feedback and session wrap-up

31-33 °C water temperature

140 - 200cm max water depth

25m long / 10m wide pool

Hot showers

Changing rooms & Lockers

Free parking


  • Wednesday 07:15 pm
  • Wednesday 08:15 pm
  • Friday 07:00 pm
  • Friday 08:00 pm
  • Sunday 06:00 pm
  • Sunday 07:00 pm

Zwembad Sportcentrum Reade Amsterdam 

55mins class + 5mins feedback and session wrap-up

31-35 °C water temperature

180cm max water depth

15m long / 10m wide pool

Hot showers

Changing rooms & Lockers

Paid parking


  • Monday 08:00 pm 
  • Monday 09:00 pm


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€40 €15

  1. First-hand experience of our method

  2. Get in contact with our team and locations

  3. Get feedback from your coach regarding your level

  4. Make a plan with your coach for achieving your goals

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5 sessions


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Accelerate your swimming skills with 5 guided sessions. This 2-month BlockCard allows you to make the most of your sessions. Choose your preferred schedule and location to start your aquatic journey!

  1. Max 5 students per lesson

  2. Technique analysis

  3. Video feedback

  4. Online videos & home exercises


10 sessions


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Immerse yourself in 10 guided sessions designed to propel your swimming skills. Our 3-month BlockCard grants you ample time to conquer new goals. Dive into your swimming journey today!

  1. Max 5 students per lesson

  2. Technique analysis

  3. Video feedback

  4. Online videos & home exercises


20 sessions


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Unleash your full swimming potential with 20 immersive sessions. Our 4-month BlockCard ensures you the time to refine your skills and achieve remarkable progress. Dive in and conquer this new environment!

  1. Max 5 students per lesson

  2. Technique analysis

  3. Video feedback

  4. Online videos & home exercises

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Meet our coach


Aqua Hero founder Ronen has participated in the national and international competitions as a professional swimmer and waterpolo player. For the last 10 years he was teaching swimming to children and adults. After many years of experience, he started to develop the “Aqua Hero” method for teaching adults in a more dynamic, fun and trust based way of learning. Apart his swimming journey he is a watersports enthusiast and practicing other watersports on the side as a hobby.

What our students say

Abongile Sonkosi

When I first entered the swimming pool I was so scared and all I could think about was drowning. Ronen, was very patient with me from the word go. He knew when to encourage me and when to give me support. I felt so safe and supported in my journey. Ronen challenged me to let go and enjoy myself. I feel more confident now in my swimming. This class was more than a swimming lesson but it was a life lesson for me. He would say "Abongile relax you do not have to be in control the whole time". ote

Angelica R.

I joined Aqua Hero after a quick search online about swimming lessons for adults. I was not expecting anything special because I couldn't think how anything for adults can be entertaining, but I was awfully wrong! I've had the incredible opportunity to be coached by Ronen and Stefan and they are amazing! They are very professional, focused on getting you comfortable in the water and be the best at it. On top of it all, they have cool music in the background and fun exercises, along a great eye for detail.

Oana P.

Looking back at my swimming journey made me realize the high amount of progress and goals accomplished. I’ve started with a baggage of fear of deep water and of jumpings. Although the start was bumpy, Ronen knew when to support me and when I needed a bit of a push in order to overcome my fears. Stefan has an incredible eye for details and helped me to consolidate my swimming techniques. The classes are more than a usual swimming class. They are filled with music, fun, comfortability as well as with supporting coaches and fellow colleagues. I am super excited to work together with the Aqua Hero team towards my next goals and push myself to reach even higher levels of swimming. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything that you need to know about our offering. Can't find the answer that you are looking for? Please don't hesitate to get in touch with our team

When can I start?

The first step in order to start is to apply for a trial session and you will be contacted by our team to schedule your start date.

Why should I visit Aqua Hero?

At Aqua Hero, we specialize in empowering adults to become confident swimmers. Here's why you should choose us: Expertise: Our team of experienced instructors is dedicated to adult swimming education. We understand the unique challenges adults may face when learning to swim and tailor our lessons accordingly. Personalized Approach: We believe that every learner is unique. Our personalized group swimming classes cater to your individual needs, ensuring a supportive and enjoyable learning experience. Overcome Fear: If you have a fear of water, Aqua Hero is the place to conquer it. We provide a safe and nurturing environment, helping you overcome any anxieties and build your water confidence. Achieve Your Goals: Whether you're a complete beginner or aspiring to refine your swimming technique, our classes are designed to help you achieve your desired level in swimming. From basic water skills to advanced strokes, we've got you covered. Fun Learning with Music: Learning should be fun, and at Aqua Hero, it is! We incorporate music into our lessons to make the learning experience enjoyable and engaging. Join a community of like-minded adults on their swimming journey, and experience the joy of becoming a proficient swimmer. Visit Aqua Hero and dive into a world of swimming excellence. Your aquatic adventure starts here!

What a try-out lesson is?

The try-out lesson is an opportunity for you to experience our services firsthand. It's a complete regular 60-minute session in our pool. During the try-out, you will be part of a regular group and have a real experience of a swimming lesson with us. We will assess your basics, including breathing, floating, and addressing any anxieties you may have. After the assessment, you will engage in various exercises and drills tailored to improve your overall swimming and help you achieve your individual goals.

What equipment do I Need for my swimming lesson?

For your first visit, bring your own swimming gear, flip-flops, towel, and your million-dollar smile! Optional you can bring swimming goggles & swimming cap. We're excited to welcome you.

I am a complete beginner, can you help me?

Yes, after the trial lesson we will know your current skills & knowledge about swimming, so we can make a plan together in order to find the best way for you to achieve your goals.

For whom are the Aqua Hero swimming courses?

We are specialized in training adults. We are working with complete beginners, intermediate or advanced swimmers.

I can swim, but I am afraid of the deep water, can you help me?

Yes! We understand that fear of water, past experience or limiting beliefs are real. We are here to help you overcome your fear/anxiety about anything that might be related with your experience in the water.

How much it takes to learn how to swim?

On average, a regular beginner student completes the Water Introduction in 12-15 classes. To prepare for the A Diploma Exam, it typically takes an additional 20-30 lessons.

Are you teaching children?

No. We are only teaching adults.

What are the dimensions of the pool?

Diemen: 25 long / 10 wide

Overtoom: 15 long / 10 wide

On which days are you teaching?

Diemen: Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

Overtoom: Monday

What are the locations?

Dimen: Kriekenoord 17, 1111 PT Diemen

Overtoom: Overtoom 283, 1054 HW Amsterdam

Parking available?

Diemen: Yes. Free parking behind the building.

Overtoom: Yes. Paid parking under the building.

What is the temperature of the water in the pools?

The temperature in both Overtoom and Diemen pools is between 31C to 33C

How deep is the water in the pool?

Diemen: The water in our pool is having 2 sides: Shallow and Deep water. Shallow water is usually around 1.00m to 1.20m and the deep water is between 1.80m and 2.00m.

Overtoom: The bottom of the pool can be adjusted. The usual depth is 1.40m. The pool can go between 1.80m and 2.00m for diving and sinking.

How many people are in a group lesson?

Groups are having a maximum of 5 people per instructor.

How are the groups made?

We are having a “Scoring System” based on our students current skills, so based on their skills we can match them up between our Water Introduction or A Diploma groups.

How long is a session?

Duration of a session: is 60 minutes. 55min + 5 minutes feedback and session wrap-up.

What is Water Introduction?

Water Introduction is the initial step in building a solid swimming foundation. Here, you'll learn essential skills like controlled breathing, floating, and basic knowledge of movements in the water, including kicking, treading water, sinking, and diving.

What is A Diploma?

Once you’ve finished the Water Introduction level, you’ll be training for A Diploma. This means you are going to learn survival exercises, technique for breastroke, backstroke and frontcrawl, diving and sinking.

I am going to receive a Diploma?

Yes. It’s optional, but if you want to receive a certificate, you can schedule yourself for an exam when your coaches will consider that you are prepared to have your diploma exam.

Will I get a discount if I recommend your swimming lessons?

Absolutely! When an active Aqua Hero student refers our school and services to friends and their network, they'll receive a €25.00 discount on their next subscription.

Can I reschedule a lesson?

Yes, you can reschedule a lesson if you cancel via Eversports App or in writing with a minimum of 24 hours' notice. There's no extra payment required. After canceling, simply schedule a make-up class based on club availability.

What happens if I am not showing up for a booked lesson?

The cancellation needs to be made with minimum of 24h before the lesson via Eversports APP or in writing on EMAIL or WhatsApp, otherwise the session will be considered completed and cannot be recovered.

What happens if my subscription expires?

If your subscription expires, your remaining lessons will be added to your new subscription if you renew within 2 months.

Can I pay in instalments?

Yes. The payment in installments can be allowed as an exception only for the 4 months subscriptions.

When do I have to pay my subscription?

The payments for swimming lessons will be made in advance, before the start of the scheduled swimming lessons with minimum 24H.